Acoustic performance quality

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According to tests conducted in several countries including the UK and France, the acoustic performance of Icynene’s H2Foam lite (ld-C-50) greatly exceeds the reference curve, particularly in the midrange beyond 400 HZ with R(A,tr) values up to 48dB in wooden rame 
walls and up to 77dB in concrete. The foam’s elastic and air-sealing properties help dampen vibrations while blocking airborne noise from outside. The foam’s airtightness also helps block the entry of pollens and other external pollution.


Is Icynene toxic in case of fire?
Icynene H2Foam Lite contains 99% air. The 1% that makes up its structure will not help propagate flame in case of fire nor will it emit significant quantities of toxic fumes. The material that can be consumed during a fire is very low: 7-8kg/m3.