We install the best pitched roof insulation system in UK.


Here at London Insulation we stand for quality and client satisfaction. We specialize in roof insulation using revolutionary H2Foam manufactured in Canada by Icynene. It is water-blown, light density, flexible open cell foam that fills all spaces between your roof timbers, steel and other connections.

What makes Icynene an ideal solution for roof insulation:

- it does not contain harmful gases, unlike other
polyurethane foams
- it never loses its shape
- it remains flexible
- it fills all gaps and cracks
- it is breathable
- zero risk of condensation
- has excellent thermal and acoustic performance



Our insulation system is a hassle-free solution saving you time and money

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Can you use our system?

We would simply substitute rigid insulation board between timbers which is specified by your architect with Icynene and provide all required paperwork 

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